Three tips for buying plywood

    As one of the commonly used materials for furniture, plywood effectively improves the utilization rate of wood and is an important way to save wood. So what kind of plywood is a safe plywood? How to judge the pros and cons in the purchase? Here are three tips for buying plywood:

            First, understand the plywood.

            When buying, we must understand the plywood, it is divided into front and back, and the front and back are different. The front of the good quality plywood feels smooth and non-hairy, and it feels no hindrance.

            Second, pay attention to observation.

            When selecting, pay attention to the observation. Products with obvious defects such as damage and bumps on the surface must not be purchased. The service life of such products is generally not very long.

            Third, tapping.

            The quality of the plywood can be judged by tapping. Tap gently with your hand. If you can make a crisp and pleasant sound, you can judge that its quality is good. On the contrary, if you make a sound like a thunder, it indicates that the product has a loose glue.