Classification of plywood use range

    Plywood is a multi-layer artificially processed composite board. Due to its good characteristics, it is widely used in wooden boxes. In addition to plywood boxes, it is also used in the home improvement field. It is a good material for home decoration. So what are the classifications of plywood use?

    According to the occasion of the use of the plywood, the plywood can be divided into plywood for finishing, plywood for decoration, and plywood with plastic veneer and thin wood.

    1. Plywood for finishing: It is used for decorating the surface of decorative paint furniture, and can also be used as processing for sewing machine table and various electrical shells.

    2. Plywood for decoration: widely used in the decoration of furniture, buildings, vehicles and boats.

    3, generally with plastic table: for packaging or other padding purposes.

    4, thin wood decorative plywood: for construction or furniture.

    When selecting plywood, you can choose suitable plywood according to your needs according to the environment, the occasion and the use, the nature of the project, and the plywood of different types, different materials and different decorative effects.